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Debugging LWC

JavaScript is Aysnchronous in nature. To know from where the control is being passed from one method to another, one component to another or calling events we use the debugger in LWC(Also can be used in Aura Components).

Debugger pauses the execution or say it acts similar to the breakpoints. When the execution is paused we can find the value of any particular variable we would like to check the value.

We can use it many ways. They are:

  1. When the server calls returns the values to a variable debugger can be used to check what that particular variable contains.
  2. Passing values from one method to another, debugger helps in checking if the value has been passed or not.
  3. Also, in the console tab of Google Chrome Inspect one can fetch the value of variables.
  4. Helps in finding the flow of the Application and not just the value stored in variables

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