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Quick Links to learn LWC

Hi All, I would like to share quick links to learn Lightning Web Components. Coding LWC is not very difficult. A developer needs to know HTML and JavaScript to start with and also Apex Programming language.

  1. The first place where we can start learning LWC is Salesforce Developer Documentation. Many people have asked me where to start learning LWC. I always prefer Salesforce Developer Documents since the examples are very handy and comprise all the basic scenarios for beginners. Here is the Link:
  2. Next when we have the basic understanding of LWC, and would like to know more about the various components of LWC we can refer to Component Library. Also note that Component Library is for both Aura and LWC so, it is easy to toggle between the LWC and Aura Code. Here is the link :
  3. Once a developer understands how LWC works, what are the components that can be used, and wants to try these functionalities without connecting to his Org, can be achieved by using Playground. It is similar to that of W3 School playground. If one wants to connect their Org, there is an option to connect the Org as well. Here is the link:
  4. To learn the various uses of LWC components, Salesforce has developed open source, unlocked packages for developers to understand various scenarios and use cases where LWC can be used. Here is the Link:
  5. One more useful link to learn LWC is Recipe Application which can be viewed without installing the Application in your Salesforce Org. Here is the link:

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