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En route to Lightning has just begun!

Sep 16

Why do we use toasts ?

Oct 11

Toast Message in Lightning Out App

Oct 11

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Students!

Aug 12

En route to Lightning has just begun!

Phew! I had a tough time switching to real time scenarios but I was learning at a really good pace. I was assigned into a small project with a real time scenario where I was able to complete the Data Model and other declarative programming. I couldn’t design Lightning components very well (I didn’t have any training). With my colleague’s help I was able to design something which worked. Phew! finally! Later I had some time to learn Aura Framework so, I redesigned the project (dummy scenario) from scratch and redesigned the custom page using Aura Framework!! After that I was involved in real-time project in lightning! This is my learning journey where I have fallen down many times but never failed to get up and start again!

After many attempts and failures, I now know various methods of debugging and developing.Using the right resources is so important. Now I’m a Lightning Champion! My aim is to learn LWC, teach lightning to students because I believe new things should start from grass root level! I know I am not perfect or have lots of experience, but whatever I know I will spread it to my Ohana!

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